Digital Delivery of Accounting Documentation

            EZSort offers the following benefits and functions :
  • Total control over the delivery process  of accounting documentation and material by the client, with automatic registration of who turns in what information and when
  • Digital delivery means that documentation can be turned in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The clients create "accounting packages" by identifying data related to the accounting documentation, such as incoming payments, charges etc, something which greatly reduces the time and dedication necessary to decipher how and where to bookkeep incoming and outgoing invoices, and their related payments. Thus, time is freed up for other tasks or for bookkeeping for more clients with the same amount of employees
  • The client receives an instant preliminary report, as soon as he or she has organized the material they are turning in, without having to wait for it to be entered by the bookkeeper!
  • The registration of presented documentation, what is pending and what is missing, assures total control of the work process in case of temporary absence or change of employees
  • Exact up to the minute data about employee efficiency, workload and access permits
  • Profitability control by obtaining feedback about the resources used by each client.
  • Automatic reminders of which tax declarations are due and when